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Google Ads Advertising

OSIM Interactive is your local Google Partner for search and mobile advertising, helping you build brand awareness, gain online sales and directly connect with new customers.

OSIM Interactive is proud to be a certified Google Partner for Google Ads advertising.

We get your business in front of potential customers when they are searching for your products and services.

Google Ads campaign formats available include Search, Display, Shopping and TrueView video ads for YouTube.

The ways OSIM drives traffic to your website with Google Ads include:

  • Helping you select a daily budget that fits your marketing needs.
  • Creating specific yet expansive keyword sets tailored to your products & services.
  • Campaigns are created to focus on individual services, specials or offers, and products.
  • Only advertise where and when you want with precise geographic targeting and scheduling tools that help you reach your core audience.
  • OSIM and Google Ads strive to give you the lowest Cost Per Click (CPC) available by keeping your Quality Score high and your ads relevant to searches.

What Are Google Ads & Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

The Advantages Explained


Know Exactly How Your Advertising Budget Is Spent

Unlike traditional print advertising or phone directories, with Google Ads and OSIM Interactive you know precisely when an ad view turns into a lead.

We track data from the keyword search to final conversion, ensuring that your marketing budget gets spent most on the elements driving you the best business.

Through use of highly detailed analytic reports, OSIM ensures that your business is meeting its online marketing goals.  When adjustments to keywords, campaigns, ads or budgets are needed, OSIM works with you and on your behalf to make the changes required to give you the greatest Return on Investment.

For more information about OSIM's Google Ads services contact us today.


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