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What Are Google AdWords & Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

The Advantages Explained

Google AdWords Management

Separate from “organic searches”, paid online advertising allows businesses to to reach their marketing goals by building brand awareness, greater site views to request quotations or subscriptions and also by generating greater sales while building your client base.

Search Engine Advertising, or “Pay Per Click” (PPC) Advertising not only allows you to reach more potential customers but directly reach those that are actively and intentionally looking for the services that you offer. This ensures that you only pay for qualified leads. Growing businesses and small businesses with a regional client base to draw from stand to benefit immensely from this program.

Why Google’s Adwords is right for your business:

Adwords is Google’s primary advertising tool, and allows businesses to have their own ads featured on search sites (such as Google Search) as well as on Google’s vast display network. Using the “Pay Per Click” format, you only pay after an interested potential customer clicks on your advertisement. The great benefit of Adwords not only lies in the vast number of people you can advertise to, but also in that you and your business have the control. There’s more than a billion searches on Google every day, how many of them are looking for you?

OSIM’s Andrew Gowan is a Google Adwords Certified Professional.

Our team at OSIM understand the working of Adwords inside and out. Our experts will set-up and manage your Adwords account to provide your business with maximum results for the minimum cost to you. You have enough on your plate, you can leave it to the professionals.

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OSIM provides both Management and Training services for Google Adwords Services.

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