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Mobile Speeds & Conversion Rates: A Case Study

Case Study: Mobile pages that are 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in conversion rate

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Driving conversions on your website is essential to building your business, and with most people visiting a site multiple times across several devices before becoming a lead, optimising the mobile experience is more important than ever.

There are many types of conversions, including form submissions, phone calls from mobile devices, emails, and online purchases. Here's how page loading speeds can dramatically impact both conversion and bounce rates.


  1. The best conversion rate of 1.9% occurs at an average of 2.4 seconds of page load time.
  2. Conversion rate drops to 1.5% at 3.3 seconds, a decrease in conversion rate of 27% over this short period.
  3. One more second, and the average conversion rate drops below 1% at the 4.2 second mark.
  4. Over the same period, changes in bounce rate are even more dramatic - 12.8% bounce rate at 2.4 seconds of load time, 20% bounce rate at 3.3 seconds - a 56% increase in bounce rate over just a single extra second.

How does your load speed stack up?

To test your website's mobile speed, visit the link below:

Google Speed Test

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