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Official AdWords Google Partner

OSIM Interactive Is A Google Partner for AdWordsHaving a Google Partner for your Pay-Per-Click marketing means more online exposure, clicks to your website, savings and a more efficient marketing experience.

As a Google Partner, OSIM can get you to the top of a Google Search for the products and services that your potential clients are typing into searches right now. 

We know how to structure your ad campaigns to get you the best results for your individual needs and budget.

What Is A Google Partner?

Having achieved this milestone, OSIM Interactive is now officially recognized as a trusted business partner by Google and by clients.

To do this we had to meet some pretty tough specifications.


To become a Google Partner, the first step was to get certified by passing Google's AdWords exams. This included many hours of training and exams in both Advertising Fundamentals & Advanced Search techniques.

This means that we know AdWords and how to get our clients top results.

Certification must be renewed on a yearly basis, requiring continual education and annual exams, keeping OSIM on the front-line of AdWords practices and techniques.

OSIM's Andrew Gowan is a fully trained and certified AdWords professional, as recognized by Google.

Best Practices for Performance & Customer Care

There may be a few companies in your area that offer AdWords services but Google Partners must adhere to the recommended best practices with our clients' accounts, thus ensuring that we are maximizing their performance results and providing a high-quality service.

Why take the risk on just anyone to manage your Google AdWords campaigns when you can get guaranteed best build practices and quality from a Google Partner? 

Ad Spend Targets Reached

Google has high standards for their Partners and they only accept those who get their clients results. By setting ad spend requirements for companies such as ours, they ensure that we are able to consistently direct a large amount of good leads to our clients' websites on a regular basis.

For more information about OSIM's Google AdWords services contact us today.


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