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Minto Chamber Of Commerce

Creating a hub for local business

The Minto Chamber Of Commerce is a big contributor to why the Town of Minto is such a great community to live in.

It promotes and represents over 120 businesses in Clifford, Palmerston & Harriston and is one of the region's greatest business innovators.

Several years ago, OSIM created the Chamber website to be the core information hub for all Chamber activities, business listings as well as anything business related. As times have changed, however, the Chamber needed to revamp their website to keep up with the needs of their members and online viewers in new ways.

Going Mobile

Minto Chamber Responsive WebsiteNo two screen sizes are the same and being able to offer an easy to browse and accessible website on all screens and devices is imperative in this day and age.

The Minto Chamber website doesn't just accommodate mobile users, the website was built from the ground up with them in mind, using Responsive Web Design. Any screen size on any device gets to see a Minto Chamber site that is built to their needs for a great browsing experience.

Great News

The Minto Chamber is always hosting fantastic events and offering new programs to its members and the community as a whole. As part of their recent website update, the Chamber now has the ability to feature these directly on their homepage.

Showcasing Members With An Improved Directory & Advertisements

Browsing a Chamber membership list has never been easier on any device. Minto Chamber of Commerce members really get bang for their buck with the latest iteration of the website, with a simple to use directory and member advertisements visible throughout the site for increased visibility & promotion.

All In The Family

Minto Chamber Family of WebsitesThe Minto Chamber offers a multitude of programs and initiatives, some of which had their own websites but little was done previously to tie them together.

With the latest redesign of their website, site browsers can easily interchange between the Chamber, Move To Minto, Savour Minto and Visit Minto without actually leaving the website. They are all built into the same site now yet each with its own identity, so just a click of the logo in the top right corner is all it takes.

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