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Town of Minto

Improving Municipal Services Online

Since the Town of Minto was created in 1999 they have chosen OSIM for their website provider.  

The core reason for this is the custom solutions provided through the OSIM Website OS and flexibility of services offered. The Town of Minto is always at the forefront of innovation and their newest website update reflects this.

Going Mobile

Mobile Town of Minto SiteAccessibility is highly important to the municipality and In September of 2014, the Town released a new version of their website that is built to take advantage of the growing mobile browsing trend.

Using Responsive Web Design, the Town's site actually resizes and restructures to be optimized for whatever screen it's being viewed on, ensuring that anyone on any device can easily and accessibly find the resources they need.

The benefits of a mobile friendly site were especially evident during the Municipal Election in October 2014, when people across the region were checking the Town of Minto's election updates on the website repeatedly as votes were tallied. By having a mobile site allowing thousands to check the results on their phones without hassle, Minto instead received applause for their easy-to-use site.

Updating Made Easy With OSIM's Website OS 

Town staff keeps the website fully up to date at all times using the newest release of the OSIM Website OS Content Management System. This ease of use has led to the development of other Town of Minto websites such as, and using the same system.

Working together through new needs and challenges

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