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My website seems to be down, what do I do?

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OSIM Interactive offers a 99% up-time guarantee, keeping your business online and your data secure.

Sometimes, however, hosting services may be briefly unavailable due to causes such as routine server maintenance or upgrades to enhance both service and security.

If your website is temporarily down but all other online services and sites are active for you, you may be experiencing a short downage that will be rectified shortly and your service resumed as per the 99% usual.

To tell if a site is down across the web or if it's just your connection having the issue, try the following tool:

Should you be concerned about an experienced temporary service downage, please contact OSIM Interactive for further investigations into your server status.

Hosting Plans

Do you offer custom hosting plans?

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Yes we do.

Our hosting plans can be customised to your business needs, whether you have a basic or complex site, and unlimited email addresses are included.

Contact OSIM Interactive today to discuss a hosting plan that's tailored to your needs and business.

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