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More than just content.

There is so much needed to be successful online. Up to date content is a given, if you can't update your own website instantly you're doing yourself a disservice.

Does your website manager let you:

  • manage all of your website's page content, media and members?
  • build and manage email lists of clients and send informative newsletters without leaving your website editor?
  • track how many visitors your site receives, how many pages they view and how long they stay?
  • receive automatic updates of new features on release?

Analytics give you the details available to make informed decisions about your website.

Building client newsletters directly on your website brings the sales cycle closer and helps you build a better relationship with your clients.  Not only can they get up-to-date information on your website but you can inform them directly into their inbox of anything new happening at your business.

Popular Content Management Systems:

Wordpress: Why is Wordpress Free?  What are the costs?  What is the Catch?

Joomla: Why Use Joomla?

OSIM has used both Wordpress and Joomla over the years and often found that these systems become more expensive for our clients due to the need to purchase pre-made plugins to meet their goals.

We built the OSIM Website OS so that we have the base features of a content management system in place and can then easily custom build anything on top, beside or in it for any customer, matching your precise custom needs.

For more information about OSIM's 1CMS website manager contact us today.


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