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mobile website browsing on a phone

Up until recently, websites were only viewed on desktop and laptop computers and because of this they were only designed to fit these screens, but things have changed.

People now search and browse the web more on their mobile devices than they do on their desktop or laptops. This is why OSIM designs and develops websites with a Mobile First strategy. 

Having a mobile friendly web design is essential in today's market, here's why:

  • Responsive web design means that anyone on any device interact with your website in a format that's optimised for their screen size.
  • Sites that aren't mobile friendly are now often pushed to the bottom of the search listings when the search is made on a tablet or phone.
  • With a Mobile First strategy, browsers more easily turn into qualified leads through prioritising of content.
  • Because it's 2017.

Get the right design for your brand and business goals.

Taking information from the plan that has been developed specifically for your project, we will create a unique look and feel just for your site. 

The creative team will take into account the goals of your website and your target market.  We will also match the branding and goals you currently use.  The most important part is to ensure that we are building your website to get the results you want while engaging users and walking visitors through your process.

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